Environmental Blogs written by Foxes Class

In Foxes class we have been learning about the impact our waste has on the environment.   As part of this, the children have worked together to create blog posts on an environmental topic of their choice.   We hope that you enjoy reading them.


Hi, we are Hamish and Benjamin & we want to STOP DEFORESTATION! The Amazon has lost about 20% of its area in the last 30-40 years!

The Amazon covers 2.1 million square miles of land. Brazil has 60% of the Amazon rainforest and Peru has 13%.

The Amazon has lost millions of trees. The Amazon is being torched for paper, palm oil, wood & animals. There are thousands of other reasons. Companies are buying parts of the Amazon, then chopping it down to make paper & palm oil (that’s criminal)!

Please use less paper & palm oil. Check before you buy!


Hi, my name is Thomas and my partners are Amber and Sofia.

We would like you to stop littering because it’s bad for the environment and some animals are eating the plastic.

Sea animals are dying because of plastic and they are eating too much of it.

What will happen if we don’t put are litter in the bin? It all flies into the ocean and the animals eat it.

If the animals eat too much plastic then they die, no one likes that!

Also, because we wanted to help we have a litter club at our school. Amber and Milla are the leaders. It is every Friday and we change the people once a week.

Fun Idea: Maybe you could make art out of litter but first you will need to clean the litter.


Hi, we are Tessa and Olivia. We want to tell you about a recent protest we went to about climate change in Winchester. At the protest we met an M.P and we also learnt a song. After that the song got stuck in are head for a long time and we even sung it in assembly.

Children around the world have been giving up their right to go to school. We are inspired by Greta Thunberg. Greta Thunberg, who is sixteen years old, gave up her Fridays sitting outside parliament with her sign saying stop climate change. She is now in New York and she didn’t get a plane because it causes more pollution in the air so she took a boat instead.

We want to help protect our planet from climate change and plastic, so please help us save animals and our future.

So stop, look and remember to put plastic in the right bin or we will be living in a horrible environment in our future.

Litter is taking over, we need to stop it!


Hi, my name is Max and this is my friend Nicholas. At school we have been focussing on rubbish that goes to land fill.

Where do you think our rubbish goes?

Some of our rubbish goes to poorer countries and pollutes their countries? Is that fair?

In England, our rubbish sometimes goes to land fill! This is not good, it is bad for the environment!

We should think more and help live a better life. Are you smart?

Are you with us? If so stick with us, your mission starts now!

Mission 1. Pick up as many plastic bottles as you can and recycle them!

Mission 2. Refuse to take plastic bags

Mission 3. Reuse plastic bags you have

Mission 4. Turn off the TV when you are not watching it

Mission 5. Don’t buy fruit in plastic wrapping when you go to the supermarket

Mission complete!