Headteacher’s update 11th Feb 2019

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and not stricken with the nasty bugs that seem to be circulating. From what I hear from other headteachers, we have been quite fortunate so far, and we are pushing the ‘personal hygiene’ message quite strongly at school to try and keep it that way!

Over the last couple of weeks the children have become really immersed in their topic work in each class and I was excited to receive a special invitation to attend Foxes’ ‘Anglo Saxon Day’ this Friday coming. I’m not too sure about the dressing up bit though…..

The big excitement for Falcons class last week was Bikeability training, which took place Monday to Thursday via two x two-hour sessions each day. This year there was enough funding for both year groups to take part and it was enjoyed by all, even those who were very nervous to start with.  It’s such an important skill to learn so we were delighted the money was there for everyone to improve their proficiency and road sense.

Ladybirds children have been making things related to the book ‘Peepo’ which was published in 1981 and so is now used as historical reference material. This made me and Mrs Cook feel very old! The children are using a ‘plan, do, review’ approach at the making table to try and improve their overall designing and making skills.

We watched some children from Hedgehogs class perform their own poem at Celebration assembly on Friday. The children have loved watching videos of Michael Rosen performing some of his poems based on playing.  They have observed him carefully, noting all the vocal and facial expressions he uses and are trying to incorporate this into their own work.  Great fun!

I hope you stay bug-free over the half term break and have a lovely time with friends and family.

Allison Driver

Headteacher’s Update 18th January 2019

Headteacher’s Update 18th January 2019

Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a great week. Welcome to my new fortnightly blog which will replace newsletters from now on.

We’ve had a really positive start to the new term and the New Year. The children are bright and seem well-rested after the holidays – having those extra few days after 1st Jan seems to have done everyone good.

New topics have begun and each class has sent out its curriculum and homework plans for the forthcoming half term. These documents can also be found on the class pages on the website. You can use this information to support your child at home but, in addition, look out for the following next week:

  • Monday is Martin Luther King day and during the week all classes will discuss his life and how his values and vision for civil rights in America still inspires us today.
  • Ladybirds will be starting the Katie Morag topic, which is already extremely popular in Hedgehogs class – see comments below.
  • Hedgehogs class will be investigating food chains in Science.
  • Foxes class will be investigating magnets as well as discussing famous speeches and writing their own.
  • Falcons class will begin their RE topic: Hinduism, and will also be learning more about how to write newspaper reports.

I have spoken to some of the children about how the start of term has been for them – see below:


‘I loved being able to bring in our cuddly toys for our Monkey Week.’

‘I like drawing on the whiteboard.’


‘I love coming back and playing on the ropes on the play equipment.’

‘I love the Katie Morag topic because we get to wear kilts.’

‘I love that we get to read and listen to the Katie Morag stories.’


‘I’m excited about choir starting.’

‘I loved the Firework Maker’s Daughter book which we finished last week.’

‘I think writing persuasive speeches is really helping us with our learning and choosing the right words.’


‘I love coming back to new topics.’

‘I’ve had fun learning how to do percentages.’


Have a great weekend!





Floss 4 Funding

See some of our children Flossing 4 Funding on the playground this morning!

Floss for Funding Video