Emergency Situations and School Closures

Emergency Contact Details

Please ensure we have current up to date telephone numbers to enable us to make contact with you in case of any emergency.

In the event of an emergency we will contact you via the school’s text and email messaging service.

Details of school closures will be updated via Hantsweb  www.hants.gov.uk/education/schoolclosures and also publicised on local radio stations:

  • BBC Radio Solent
  • Heart South Coast
  • The Breeze
  • The Coast
  • Wave 105

Whenever possible, a recorded message will be left on the school telephone answer machine and an update posted on the school website.

Ice and Snow Plan

The following information has been put together to help us be prepared in adverse weather conditions, which may make it necessary to implement the school’s Ice and Snow Plan to keep the school open or, if this is not possible, to notify parents that the school will be closed.

Each case of adverse weather will be looked at individually and appropriate action taken accordingly. This means some or all of the following measures MAY be implemented to keep the school open but does not necessarily mean all will be needed.

  • If ice and snow make access to the school site difficult the gate from the churchyard will be kept locked.
  • Access to the school site will be from the top gate on the main Otterbourne Road and the main pedestrian entrance only.
  • If necessary a pathway will be cleared from these two access routes which will lead to the ramp access by Foxes class. This pathway will be defined by cones and tape and parents and pupils should remain within the confines of the gritted area.
  • Access to Ladybirds, Hedgehogs and Foxes classrooms will be from the ramp access by Foxes class and then along the top paved area in front of the 3 classrooms. Children for Falcons class should enter the building via Foxes class.
  • The area at the back of the school between the Early Years Play Area and the Library Door will not be in use at all. Therefore parents for children in Ladybirds class will drop off children from the front door of the class by the playground.
  • Signs will be placed on access routes showing whether they are open or closed.
  • Decisions may be taken to keep children in at break times and lunch time or restrict the outside areas they can use subject to conditions at the time.
  • Children may be allowed access to the playground and field towards the end of the day if safe to do so.