Gardening Time at Compton

We are pupils of Compton and we have started a lunchtime Gardening Club. We have produced a blog article all about:

  • What we do
  • How we do it and the equipment we use
  • Why we ‘dig’ it (‘dig’ means ‘like’)

We interviewed one of our friends from Gardening Club and asked her lots of questions about it.


What we do

We dig up leftover weeds in the flower beds near the adventure playground, put them in the garden waste bin and then we plant and grow flowers and vegetables like pansies, tomatoes, lettuce, beetroot and potatoes. Once, after we dug up the potatoes we grew, the cooks made a potato salad with mayo. They served it up in the kitchen and we all got to try some.

Filling the Planter

Filling the planter

Getting ready

Getting ready

A great job

A great job


How we do it and the equipment we use

We talk about what we need to do (e.g. which beds need weeding, what we can plant) and then Mrs Snowdon buys all the seeds and bulbs and we start doing the jobs we have talked about. Some of the equipment we use includes forks, shovels, gloves, rakes, pots and buckets. The most fun tool of all is the hose because we get to spray each other with it!

Our boss Mrs Snowdon

Our boss Mrs Snowdon

Why we ‘dig’ it

We also asked her what she would rate Gardening Club out of 10 and why? She said ten because it makes the school look smart and pretty and it is really fun. She likes the fact that it is outside not inside and enjoys outdoor learning. Another good thing is that it is social because if you are bored outside at lunchtime with nothing to do, you can join in and make friends.


Joining in

Gardening Club is on a Monday lunchtime and if anyone is interested please speak to one of us or to Mrs Snowdon (our boss!)