Get your goggles on Foxes Class!

Foxes get their goggles on

Foxes get their goggles on

Read our article to find out some of the finest facts about Foxes’ class swimming. We had a chat with four pupils from Foxes class when we asked them all about swimming and how they feel about it.
By Daisie and Olivia

Question: How do you get to swimming and where is it?
M: We go to Fleming Park and we get there by coach.
Question: How is it organised at the pool, and what groups are there?
Al: There is 1 big pool and 1 small pool and there’s different groups in the different pools. If they see you doing well in the small pool they’ll move you into the big pool and if you are still learning you will stay in the small pool.
L: The lesson lasts for 30 minutes.
A: There are 3 different groups. There is: stingrays, dolphins and sharks. Each one of us is in a different group. Stingrays are in the small pool, sharks and dolphins are in the big pool with sharks in the deep end.
Question: What do they teach you?
M: This week they tested us on different types of swimming. We did all kinds of different strokes including front crawl, breast stroke and backstroke. We also did treading water. Sometimes we have to do demonstrations to show the others what to do.
Question: What is it like when you first get in the pool?
M: It is quite cold but I get used to it quickly.
Al: I just kind of slipped in (laughing).
L: It felt nervewracking but we were in the little pool so we were able to stand up. I was nervous because there was a good swimmer who stayed in the small pool and I thought I would stay in the small pool too.
Question: What do you like about swimming with your class?
M: I like doing it with my friends.
A: I like the fact that I can help other people.
Al: I like to complement people on their swimming, how well they are doing.
L: All of my friends keep me company and that helps to keep me going. At Fleming Park you have to wear hats and I like that because I get worried about my sister getting nits because she doesn’t wear a hat when we go to River Park.
Ready to Swim

Ready to Swim

Question: What do you dislike about swimming with your class?
Al: When people are splashing around and I can’t hear the teacher and we have to do the lesson and I just don’t know what to do next.
A: I think it is a bit too easy compared to my swimming and I think they make up their minds too quickly about which groups we should go in.
L: I don’t like it when I get tired and I get scared that I’m going to stop and they are going to say “well, she’s not very good“. I also don’t really like the fact that there are 33 of us split into 3 groups and its too crowded in the pool. Sometimes we have to swim one at a time in our lane because otherwise we might collide.
Question: If you could change something about swimming, what would it be?
Al: I think there should be a few more groups, and also more changing rooms.
All: Yeah more changing rooms
M: Because there was something like 5 or 6 people in each changing room. All the girls were in one changing room together.
Question: Have you had swimming lessons before?
Al: Yes I normally go to different pools with my uncle. I’ve been before with my old school too and last time I went with them we went to Fleming Park too.
A: I go to Fleming Park but when I go there’s 9 groups and it took me 3 years to get from the first group to the fifth group. At my lessons you have to do lots of different things to move up a group.
M: I go to Winchester College and they move you up quite slowly as well.
A: At my swimming we have an online system where they mark you out of more practice, not bad, good and brilliant and once you get all of them ticked off you can move up a level.
L: I go to River Park which we were going to go to with school but they decided to go to Fleming Park instead. When we go with school it’s very crowded with all your class mates by your side.
Question: Do the teachers push you?
Al: Yes. When we first got in the pool they just told us to swim straight across and they didn’t show you what to do. They just assumed that we already knew how to do front crawl.
A: Some Year 3s didn’t know what to do but they do follow you with a woggle in case you get stuck.
M: In Sharks, it is quite hard because they made you do 2 lengths front crawl and then get out and then immediately do 2 lengths backstroke which made you feel really tired.
Thanks to all the children who took part in this interview.