Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

You may already have heard from your children that doing everything we can to tackle climate change is our big focus this year. All classes are starting the term with a topic relating to sustainability and environmental stewardship. As you will know, there is no time to waste; we need to act now as a school and as a wider community to encourage positive changes to lifestyles and behaviours. We have several projects lined up that we hope will not only improve the environment but will increase our involvement with the local community.   One of these is to establish some wildflower areas in the church yard, with the help of the local Horticultural Society.

Minimal Waste Market Saturday 25th January Badger Farm Community Centre 1:30-5:00pm

A one stop indoor market to buy food, snacks, and household products like shampoo and washing up liquid, everyday products we all use, that have MINIMAL OR NO plastic WASTE.

Reducing single use plastic is high on the global agenda because it’s clogging up our oceans, killing sea-life, polluting our waterways and potentially plastic particles are in our own bodies. Keen to make a difference to our planet? This is one way of doing so! By changing shopping habits, we can all reduce single use plastic. Bring a refillable container and fill up on soap, shampoo, washing up liquid and dry food like pasta. And for packed lunches, we will have a selection of snacks that are free from plastic.

Minimal Waste Market (MWM) is convenient, with minimal extra cost and effort.


Some of our key stage 2 pupils recently attended a Christian Aid event at Winchester Cathedral where they looked at how climate change is affecting the world’s poorest communities… and then had a chance to zoom around on the ice.

On 16th October, three pupils from Compton, accompanied by Ms Driver, attended Winchester’s first Plastic Free Schools conference. See below for more information about how to reduce waste at school, in the home and in the local community, including an online petition to reduce waste in school kitchens.

Plastic Free Schools Newsletter Nov 2019

29th Sept to 6th Oct was Winchester Green Week. The Bee Collage created by our year 6 pupils last summer, was admired by lots of visitors to the festival.


Some photos of Compton pupils at the Climate Strike on Friday 20th Sept: