Ten things you didn’t know about Ms Driver

By Scarlett, Year 6

I met with Ms Driver to find out about her school life here at Compton and when she was a pupil herself.

Find out about her childhood passion for spies and spying and lots more besides in my article below.


What was your favourite subject when you were at Primary School?

English – I really loved stories, I really loved poems, I really loved hearing and writing them. I always had my head in a book.

Was your Primary School the same or different to Compton?

I went to two. One in Bath which was a really big city Primary School and I had a really nice teacher called Mrs Wilson. When I was starting Year 6 I moved to Devon and went to a little school with only 60 children in total. It was a really big change from what I was used to but I had an amazing teacher (Mr Watts) who was an artist so we got to use lots of different things like watercolours and lino printing. It was absolutely the best year of schooling I ever had.

Did you always want to be a headteacher and if not what other careers did you consider?

When I was very little I wanted to be a nurse. Then I spent quite a long time wanting to be a spy. I used to follow people around with a notebook and hide in trees because I had read a particular book. After that I wanted to be a journalist. It was always something to do with writing.

How long did it take you from when you started teaching to where you are now?

It probably took between 15-17 years from when I started my training course to now.

When you were starting out as a teacher did you ever think you would come this far?

No. I had no interest in becoming a Headteacher at all. I just really wanted to be a teacher. I just loved being in the classroom.

What do you miss the most about not teaching every day?

I very much miss having the relationships with the children in my class because you really get to know everybody. I also loved the feeling of being in a team and planning exciting things to do as a class.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy the relationships with everybody (children, parents, staff and governors), talking to them and seeing how everyone gets on. I like seeing the children and the adults interacting. I like getting things done that make a difference.

What do you enjoy least about your job?

Interference from the government every 5 minutes really gets on my nerves especially from people who have never really been in the classroom. Also I really don’t like the excessive paperwork.

Can you describe your job in 3 words?

That’s a really difficult question. I would say rewarding, tiring, stimulating.

Where would you like to see the school in 5 years?

Still being quietly excellent. I really want it to be full of great teaching and happy people.

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