Welcome to Class 3 (Foxes Class)


Class Teacher:  Fiona Mordecai, Sarah Metcalf

Learning Support Assistant:  Vicky Fisher

Class Letters

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Foxes Topic Overview Spring1

Foxes Spring 2018 1 Homework



Welcome to the Spring term!

You may think that the homework wall looks a little sparse – but in fact all homework was entirely voluntary (for this week only), and we were actually thrilled to receive such a wide variety of well presented, thoughtful, and creative contributions. Everybody presenting their homework to the class this week did a fantastic job delivering: a poem, an information list, a word search, an algebra problem, a PowerPoint, a bookmark an illustration, AND a replica Viking shield. What a fun start to a Friday.




We are enjoying an exciting and creative week before Christmas in Foxes, especially today when (as you can see) we are sporting festive jumpers and looking forward to our whole school Christmas meal.

A HUGE thank you to all the generous parents and carers who have clubbed together to send in vouchers; we are very grateful (and already planning our Marks and Spencer’s shopping trips).



It was very exciting to see everyone in their home clothes for Children in Need, and even more exciting to see all the home learning ready to share and display (please do come and have a look at our board in class):


Volcanoes seem to have really captured everyone’s imaginations, check out this ingenious survival kit:


We also enjoyed exciting eruptions, demonstrations and presentations:




Welcome back after the half term break.

What a amazing array of different types of home learning we got this week; we could really tell that the extra time and new topic options had been made the most of.

Some very detailed and well presented 2D work was shared first:

Followed by 3D models:


Two of the model volcanos erupted! This caused so much excitement that  Mrs Monro popped in to have a look.


It was very inspirational to see some fantastic gymnastics, clearly a lot of productive practise has been dedicated to getting this good:


Finally a Warhammer Powerpoint: well put together and presented in a lively and interesting way – we were spellbound.

We were very excited to receive Powerpoints about Vesuvius and decided to save them for topic lessons to get us thinking – thanks for saving Mrs Mordecai some planning!



For the last week’s homework we decided to add to our gorgeous display rather than replace it:

As usual we began by sharing amongst ourselves:


Then EVERYBODY had the chance to talk to the whole class about their home learning:

With a bow or curtsey to finish!






The pictures say it all, what a great home learning week!


We all showed our work (using the well known ‘Mexican wave’ technique), and then the rest of the class had the opportunity to ask questions.


Excitingly, Ms Driver joined us for homework sharing; I wonder who can remember what questions she asked?



What are we so amazed about?

Our fantastic cumulative poetry, of course!

Here’s just a few examples – can you see what craftily creative characteristics they all have in common?



We have enjoyed an exciting week of peer coaching and feedback this week; everyone has stepped up to the challenge of thinking in a positive, specific and constructive way to support each other with our learning.

As we came to the end of our Math’s focus on ‘addition and subtraction’ we each thought carefully about what we still found challenging, and wrote this on post-it notes.

Then classmates who felt confident in each particular area (like vertical partitioning, counting backwards, or ordering) spent time coaching others to help them overcome their area of difficulty.


As you can see the discussions were lively and constructive, with those being coached reporting back that they felt more confident, picked up some useful tips, and had enjoyed getting support from a classmate who really understood what their problem was.

We also changed our homework time this week.

We began with everybody sharing with each other as usual.


Then 10 pupils were nominated by their peers to present their homework to the class.


Each person nominating explained what it was that struck them in particular; we heard lots about ‘creativity’, ‘independence’, ‘attention to detail’, ‘presentation’, and ‘taking time’. What great home learning characteristics – well spotted!



Thank you for the fantastic homework that came in on Friday – please do have a look at our BRAND NEW homework display on the Foxes class wall:

Friday mornings are always a highlight of the week; first thing we all get to wander around and see the creative fruits of each other’s labours  – we never know what will be sprung out of the bag!:




Welcome back to Foxes class – we have been very impressed with the enthusiastic way in which the children have got stuck in to all our exciting learning, right from the get-go.

A big thank you to all parents who bought their child a copy of Andy Stanton’s ‘Mr Gum and the Goblins’. It’s been lovely for them to have a copy to look at while we read the book aloud. Next week we will begin a two week guided reading focus on this book, so it’s not too late to invest in a copy!



Thank you very much for all the kind and generous cards and presents that the children have brought in this week, they are much appreciated by all the staff. We’ve had a brilliant year in Foxes this year, and are grateful to all the children and their families who work so hard to support everything we do.

We’ve had a lovely last couple of days in Foxes; celebrating our many achievements from this year and saying goodbye to our lovely year 4s who are moving on to Falcons – we will miss you all.

On Monday year 3 and 4s received end of year certificates and presents from Mrs Mordecai:



Today we enjoyed a bit of R & R, and got a last photo with our year 4’s before they move on:


We hope you all have a lovely summer holiday and look forward to welcoming back our fantastic year 3s when they will be grown up year 4s, and welcoming  new year 3s into Foxes for a great year in 2017/18!



We have been working on peer assessment – sharing our opinions of each others’ work based on our ‘non-negotiables’ of writing. Ask your child what these are!




A fantastic array of home learning this week: information posters, activity sheets, quizzes, baking, PowerPoint talks, scientific muscle demonstrations, a verbal report and a play script!

(The PowerPoints are really becoming very impressive, here’s one from last week: Pokemon_Henry Wrighty1)



We were proud of the class this week – everybody brought in some home learning, even if it was still ‘work in progress’.


As usual everybody had the opportunity to stand up in front of the class and present their home learning, it’s great to experience speaking in front of an audience when it’s made up of classmates!:




Before looking at homework, we just wanted to show you some great work we did creating tetrahedrons as part of our 3D shape Maths focus last week:



We received more fantastic 2D & 3D homework for display this week, as well as an unusual drama presentation and two incredibly informative PowerPoint presentations. Not to forget some bonus baking, and more ‘guess the name of the teddy’ fun!






Welcome to the Summer term!

This week we have loved looking at the new home learning activities; especially those chosen by the children themselves.

It was great fun guessing the name of the cuddly toy:


Lots of maps, games, charts and ideas to improve Compton also came in for us to put on display, please come in and have a look:


Finally, we enjoyed two brilliant PowerPoint presentations, and a thrilling sing-a-long to the periodic table (this really has to be seen to be believed, so we will attempt to get a video clip up on to the website).





Here we are, with the last homework of the Spring term. The standard produced has been so high this term; Friday mornings have become a real treat and exciting weekly event. Keep up the good work!:





We’ve been looking at the Easter story in English over the last couple of weeks. Today we began the lesson acting and creating ‘freeze frames’ of different parts of the story. It was great fun; we focussed on what people said, and how to include speech in our own written versions of the Easter story:



Lots of homework to show you this week; as well as all the lovely ‘2D’ stuff that you can come in and have a look at, we were treated to Powerpoint presentations, gymnastic displays, baked goods (yum), and a brilliant pitch from two budding politicians keen to get our vote to be president!




Also this week a MASSIVE well done to the year 4 tag rugby team that went to Kings on Thursday. Mrs Snowdon and Miss Walkinshaw are incredibly proud of you all: you worked together, tried your hardest and remained focussed and positive throughout the tournament:



Here’s this week’s homework update (see further down for photographs of our trip to the Weald and Downland museum last Friday).

We had lots of written work to celebrate as usual, please pop in to see it ‘live’ in the classroom:


We also had talks about a solar powered toy, and using Mathletics:


Some more delicious baking, and a great PowerPoint on New York:


And homework morning wouldn’t be complete without a few impressive gymnastics moves:


We had no homework last week (17.3.17) because we went on a fascinating trip to the Weald and Downland Museum in Sussex:



The first week of homework this half term, and lots of the children have enthusiastically got stuck in to the new topics.

We began with delicious looking American biscuits (greeted with delight and excitement):

IMG_4366   IMG_4367

and continued on with some fantastic posters about the United States, French and Polish language translations, maths reasoning, and observational drawings. Please come in and have a look at our homework board:

IMG_4369  IMG_3514

The fun didn’t stop there though.

Then we listened to two speeches about very different aspects of the United States (which we all found interesting and thought provoking):

IMG_4372  IMG_4373

And watched some skilful gymnastics demonstrations:

IMG_4390  IMG_4382  IMG_4377



We have been investigating invisible forces – using magnets to experiment with how forces work:

IMG_4140  IMG_4800  IMG_4802  IMG_4804  IMG_4805  IMG_4806 IMG_4129    IMG_4131  IMG_4132   IMG_4133  IMG_4134  IMG_4135  IMG_4136  IMG_4137  IMG_4138



This week we made maths games to reinforce our understanding of analogue and digital time:

IMG_4723   IMG_4724   IMG_4725   IMG_4726   IMG_4727   IMG_4728   IMG_4729   IMG_4730   IMG_4731   IMG_4732   IMG_4733   IMG_4734   IMG_4735


The standard of homework coming in today was very high – well done to Foxes for taking care with presentation and not rushing. As always new homework is up on display in the classroom for us and our visitors to enjoy:


IMG_4153   IMG_4154   IMG_4155   IMG_4156



6.1.17 Welcome back to the Spring Term and a Happy New Year!

As you can see, Foxes Class have come in ready to learn!

img_4696   img_4697   img_4698   img_4699   img_4700   img_4701   img_4702   img_4703   img_4704



16.12.16 It’s the last day of term and we’re all looking forward to Christmas!

Thank you to the pupils who brought in surprise homework, what a dedicated lot you are:

   img_4678  img_4677

This morning we enjoyed some Christmassy games:

img_4689 img_4682 img_4691

Thought about what part of Christmas is important to us, and what things we’re grateful for:

img_4092  img_4093

And finished the morning with some creative Christmas activities:

img_4692  img_4693  img_4694

Thank you very much for the kind and generous gifts that came in for the adults in class, it really is much appreciated. We hope you have a merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year, and look forward to seeing you all back in a couple of weeks.


9.12.16 What a busy two weeks we have had!

Miss Metcalf’s first full day back in Foxes class yesterday was a hive of activity. We made some beautiful Christmas tree decorations that will be available for sale at the Christmas Fayre on Sunday. We practised our instruction writing first, and then used our accurate measuring skills to make sure they will hang at just the right height on your tree:

img_4645 img_4648 img_4649

img_4646 img_4652 img_4650

img_4058   img_4059

As we were so busy last Friday (see below) we now have a homework display jam packed with two weeks all put up this week, please do come and have a look!



Again, lots of practical homework to tempt and delight:

img_4007 img_4018 img_4022 img_4023 img_4024

img_4044 img_4046 img_4047 img_4052

Last Friday we went on a brilliant whole school trip to see ‘The Fantastic Mr Fox’. We were very lucky to go – the show was great, and we loved being altogether:

img_4011 img_4012 img_4008 img_4009 img_4016


25.11.16 Foxes have been learning all about electricity this week.

We had lots of different workstations, where we independently made circuits with buzzers, lights, batteries and switches; found out new scientific knowledge; looked up definitions for electrical words; wrote fascinating facts…

img_3948 img_3958 img_3979 img_3984 img_3959 img_3949 img_3952 img_3969 img_3923


Well done inventive Foxes, a bumper crop of homework this week (25.11.16).

Look how many people brought homework in for our class display – it is packed! :

img_4635    img_4001

Also the edible homework was particularly impressive, so much thought about including our coeliac pupils in the fun:

img_4630  img_4633 img_4632 img_4638 img_4002

And the practical electricity demonstrations were fascinating:

img_4634 img_4640 img_4641 img_3963

We even had a quick Makaton coaching session:






Yum Yum! Thank you for the delicious and very thoughtful edible creations that have been coming in to school throughout this week:

img_3917         img_3893


18.11.16 – another week, another collection of creative and impressive homework.

Here we are getting ready to share what we’ve made, before it goes up on our homework wall for class visitors to see:


Also we were lucky to see some other things that we couldn’t get on the board –

Some delicious food we’re looking forward to eating:


A fascinating electricity experiment for our science topic display:


And a great homework idea for our geography topic that we were able to have a go at:

img_3807        img_3816






WOW! A big thank you to everyone for the brilliant homework that came flooding in on 11th November 2016 – clearly a lot of time and effort has been put in, as you can see:


Lots of interactive science demonstrations got us thinking first thing:

img_3785  img_3787  img_3788 

img_4621       img_4613





Some delicious food made our mouths water:

img_4632   img_4639   img_4641   img_4630

Homework even improved the hygiene in our classroom:







We photocopied some fiendish homework worksheets (tricky French word searches and Maths problems) to create a fun early morning activity:








More homework came in than we can show you here. Have a look at our homework wall next time you’re in the classroom:






We did some brilliant homework during the first half term (Autumn 2016):

img_4549                   img_3703

The artefacts we made were fantastic, so we created our own Stone Age Museum in the hall:




Here are some other things we got up to before the half term break:


 Iron Age role play
img_4539 img_4554
 Making metal collages
 img_3636  img_3637
 Writing compliments on each others’ backs