Welcome to Class 3 (Foxes Class)

Class Teacher:  Fiona Mordecai, Sarah Metcalf

Learning Support Assistant:  Charlotte Chadwick


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Foxes Yabba Dabba Doo homework 2020

Foxes Topic Yabba Dabba Doo 2020

Foxes Topic Letter Autumn 1

Foxes Homework Letter Autumn 1


(Multiplication table testing sheets to help you practise at home!)

AUTUMN 2020:

It’s lovely to see everyone again, even in rather strange and unusual circumstances! We are particularly enjoying our first topic of the term: Winnie the Pooh. Here are our lovely new Foxes engaged in various activities: quiet reading (building stamina and fluency), sketching in the style of A.A.Milne, designating Thoughtful Spots…




Spring 2: trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace!


Spring 2: Romans Theme Day – a lovely event with some fantastic costumes – thank you so much for your creativity and enthusiasm in supporting this!

Spring 1 2020:

We have loved learning about the Romans! It generated some passionate learning as well as some wonderful homework – thank you all as always for bringing the children’s learning to life at home.

Spring 1 2020:

Celtic fairy tales were often rather grim, which taught us quite a lot about life in the past at the time of the Roman invasion of Britain as well as more about oral storytelling. Dramatizing them, however, was not grim at all… We also enjoyed taking on a ‘role’ within our own ‘Celtic village’ and enacting them simultaneously to create a ‘working’ village.

December 2019

The children have really deepened their understanding of sustainability issues such as deforestation through this half term’s South American Rainforest topic. The homework as usual has been fabulous, and we also enjoyed debating the issue using persuasive language. Some of us were VERY good at that…

Our Science work on plants overlapped nicely with some learning about rainforest bees and pollination – we made quick bee models / puppets to act as ‘props’ for our presentations about pollination, as well as learning about and performing ‘waggle dances’ to communicate with the rest of our ‘hive’!


November 2019

Sustainability Day proved just how much and how deeply the children have taken on the issue of preserving our world and reducing waste – a huge range of costumes interpreted the title and all the children could clearly articulate what they represented and what the sustainability message was within that. Thank you for all your support!

October 2019

We are so enjoying our Sustainability topic this half term, and have used our English reading / writing learning to research and create  leaflets about a particular aspect of Waste: Plastics that really interests us. Here’s a selection, plus some fabulous homework produced on the same subject! Thank you for all your support and hard work at home!

We are looking forward to our Sustainability Theme Day on Friday before half term – please feel free to take the children’s work on their costumes as their homework for this week.


September 30 2019

Last week Mrs Fisher was our ‘guest’ in Class 3 as we showed our fantastic homework! Well done children and parents – you have all put such a lot of thought and creativity into our topic learning, and the children are using their homework as a chance to show and deepen their understanding. See how amazing the homework board looks! And THIS is why the children get such a key part in choosing the homework tasks to go on the sheet at the start of the topic…

September 2019

Welcome back to a new term – what a great start the children have made! They have all settled well and are really embracing our whole school Sustainability topic.

We have ‘repurposed’ our bubble pots to plant bee-friendly bulbs – but first, of course, we had to do a bit of bubble dancing…

Here we are collecting ‘rubbish’ from the ground to make collage, just like Kurt Schwitters!



July 2019: Many thanks for all our lovely generous gifts – have a wonderful summer holiday! hope the holiday letters (below) are useful!

Welcome to Class 3Y4

Welcome to Class 3Y3

Some things to help you get ready for September2019Y3

Some things to help you get ready for September2019Y2

June: Christian Aid focus: Hands Across The World

We learnt about the Sustainable Development Goals and Human Rights of the Child as they relate to education, and our Recognition Board focus for one week was Being Grateful For Our Education. We composed some beautiful songs about Hands Across The World and really enjoyed the performances! We also linked to Overcoming Obstacles to education.

May: Our Schools In The Past day was a great success, with a wide range of activities such as carrying out drills for tables, spelling, historical facts and behaviour, learning that ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’, peg doll making, cookery (see Victorian Apple Pastry recipe below!) and much more. The children looked amazing and took part with great good humour. Thank you for all your support with the marvellous costumes – they were very clear about who they were and how their historical context might have shaped them.


You will need:

  • Eight ounces of puff pastry
  • One pound of apples
  • Two ounces of sugar                                                                                      Method: Divide the pastry into two pieces; roll them out into rounds about seven inches across. Peel and core the apples; slice on to one of the rounds, leaving an inch gap at the edge. Cover with sugar, moisten the edges with water or milk and lay the other round on top. Carefully press the edges together. Decorate the edges, score the top with a knife, brush over with cold water and dust with sugar. Bake for twenty to thirty minutes.


April: As part of our final work on Shape (Geometry), we designed and made Easter baskets

March 2019 – Fair Trade: dance (From Cacao Pod To Sack)

March 2019 – Science

We made drama action sequences showing different parts of the digestive system and the audience had to try to work out which part – eg mouth – stomach, or small intestine – large intestine…


See below some photos from World Book Day 2019 – didn’t everyone look marvellous?





SAXON DAY! March 2018



Happy new year to you all, and welcome back to the Spring Term! Thanks to everyone for your very generous gifts and lovely messages at Christmas – we hope you had a rejuvenating break!

We are already getting ‘stuck in’ to our new topic, and below you can see some pictures of some RE Epiphany learning (with spiritual tealights…) and a Science experimental session around magnets.






Our RE learning is about the Trinity – this is a difficult concept (literally ‘three in one’) and we have explored it from different directions and through different texts / activities / songs / videos / images etc. I challenged the children to work in threes to create a human symbol for the Trinity…



We do concentrate quietly a lot of the time… Here we are editing a long piece of writing and responding to teacher marking.

… but we value our active learning with an element of choice – Electricity in this case:


16.11.18 Homework! What can I say?

14.10.18    For the last couple of weeks we have been working on Measures in Maths – this involved some practical work first, closely followed by baking (using weighing and measuring) with kind Mrs Knight. As a result we are getting pretty proficient at reading scale and recognising where the correct unit of measurement is being used. And it was fun!!


9.11.18 More fabulous homework! What a week it’s been! Do ask your child to talk to you about our new Recognition Board – we have all (adults included) been trying hard to develop and maintain positive learning behaviours!


31.10.18          Welcome back after the half term break! This week we were visited by Chris Lloyd, chair of Education Uganda, who carried out a day of workshops about our twinned school, Katiri Primary, in Uganda. You may remember that we have done some fund raising over the last few years for them to purchase library books and slates. We all had a fabulous day, learning lots about ways in which we are the same, but different. One of the most important things the children picked up was that Ugandan culture is not as wasteful and environmentally unsound as ours, but rather people make the most of what they have. On Friday, Mrs Stepney kindly came in to present a slideshow about neo-natal care in Africa, and the children were able to pick up many similarities of theme.


12.10.18    A few weeks of really good homework – we have loved sharing in all the different activities, which have included Powerpoints, models, pictures, algebra, stories and edible delicacies! Thank you to all concerned. Our next topic will be called Location, Location, Location –  a Geography-led study of the cities in the UK –  and new topic / homework sheets will come home to you after the half term holiday, as well as being available on this website.

8.10.18                  A big THANK YOU to all staff and volunteers who accompanied the class on their very successful trip to Harold Hillier Gardens – the children learnt masses and were, as always, a credit to you and to the school. We would also like to thank all parents for funding the trip! You can see the results of their day in the classroom and below:


1.10.18  We are delighted to welcome Mrs Rebecca Slater to Class 3 as our new LSA (to replace the irreplaceable Mrs Fisher) for 4 mornings per week – do pop in and meet her on Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday.

24.9.18       Mrs Snowden worked with us to plant bulbs for spring around the school, as well as tidy the pots ready for autumn.

20.9.18     We really enjoyed re-creating Stonehenge out of plasticine! Some of us also made different versions out of a variety of materials for homework.


Welcome back to the Autumn Term 2018, and an especially warm welcome to our new families – it’s lovely to have you with us.

17.9.18 The children have made a really good start settling into school, and we are already well into our topic, with some super homework! Thank you so much for joining in so enthusiastically

We have launched into our Science learning about Rocks too, and have enjoyed a range of practical learning activities already

Investigating the properties of rocks

We are also finding our History learning (Stone Age / Iron Age) really fascinating!

Cave Art


Our book study text, The Iron Man, has already involved some very entertaining drama together with expressive reading aloud.

Drama and reading aloud in pairs