About Us

Our School

Compton All Saints’ Primary School is a Church of England Voluntary Aided School, situated on the southern outskirts of the historic city of Winchester.

The school was founded in 1838 and accommodates almost 120 pupils aged between 4 and 11 years. A building programme completed in August 2001 brought the school under one roof and has provided an up to date and purposeful learning and working environment.

Our Mission Statement

At Compton All Saints’ C of E Primary School the staff and Governors are committed to the progress, attainment and well-being of everyone in school.

We seek to provide education of the highest possible quality in an environment underpinned by Christian beliefs and values, where children from all faiths and none learn how to become good friends, hard workers and confident individuals.  We believe that everyone can shine and that our school should be a place where all learners have the encouragement, support and opportunity to do just that.

At Compton, we care about each other and our school.  We are proud of our good relationships with parents, carers, All Saints’ Church and the wider community.  We consider these relationships and our Church Aided status to be essential factors in our success.

Our core values are compassion, honesty and gratitude.  These values form the basis of the work we do in developing children’s moral and spiritual growth.  We believe that spiritual growth requires us to develop relationships with God, with others, with the world and with ourselves.


The school had a very successful Ofsted visit in December 2017 when it was confirmed that it had maintained its “Good” status. The report makes clear the school’s commitment to a nurturing environment and enriched curriculum and the positive impact this has on children’s outcomes.

Ofsted Report December 2017

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