The following members of staff are part of our school team:

 Chair of Governors Rick Keith
 Headteacher Allison Driver
 Class 4 (Falcons)
 Teacher Sarah De Zoysa
 Teacher Patricia Nicholls
 Learning Support Assistant Anne Villien
 Class 3 (Foxes)
 Teacher Fiona Mordecai
 Teacher Sarah Metcalf
 Learning Support Assistant Rebecca Slater
 Class 2 (Hedgehogs)
 Teacher Jenny Carter
 Learning Support Assistant Bryony Cruickshank
 Class 1 (Ladybirds)
 Teacher Julia Cooke
 Learning Support Assistant Angela O’Shea
 Additional/Support Staff
 Inclusion Manager/Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator Sally Etheridge
 Music Teacher Chris Chapman
Learning Support Assistant Charlotte Chadwick
 Learning Support Assistant Sarah Hill
 Learning Support Assistant Rachael Wilson
 Learning Support assistant Gail Walters
 Lunchtime Assistant Heather Buckley
 Lunchtime Assistant Mandy Ford
 Lunchtime Assistant Linda Simmonds
 Administration Staff
 Administration Officer Alison Fenwick
 Administration Assistant Mary Munro
 Caretaker Tim Bergstrom
 Cleaner Jackie Mclaughlan